Protein Block 40

As the veld ripens and dries out, the protein and energy contents drop to levels that is below that needed by most farm animals and they will lose weight. Losing too much weight affects their ability to produce milk for their young after giving birth and their ability to become pregnant in the next production cycle. They will also take longer to recover the weight lost in winter, during the summer.

The best way to utilise dry pasture is to use a protein block as a supplement during winter months as part of a balanced lick program. The additional protein will stimulate the microbes in the rumen to digest the dry, hard grasses better, releasing more energy and increase dry grass intake.

Increased rumen microbial numbers also mean more protein for the animal. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and meat production. This will assist the animal to maintain their body weight during the dry winter months and be more productive in the following year.