Salt Trace Mineral Block

The nutrients Sodium (Na) & Chloride (Cl), found in Salt (NaCl), are essential for life. Salt supplementation is key to a balanced diet. Salt helps regulate blood pH, maintain acid-base balance, assist with digestion and nutrient absorption to keen animals healthy. Trace minerals are nutrients needed in very small quantities. They play important roles in metabolic processes like, health, immunity, production and reproduction. Trace minerals are in general poorly absorbed by most ruminants and needs to be supplemented.

The 7 critical Trace elements include, Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Iodine (I), Cobalt (Co) and Selenium (Se). Iron: Important for formation of Red Blood Cells. Zinc: for immunity, skin health, claw integrity, fertility in males and females. Manganese: fertility and reproduction (sperm production, foetal and udder development). Copper: Central nervous system in unborn animals. In adult animals it is critical for a strong immune system, fertility, normal growth and development. Iodine: Normal thyroid function and regulation of energy metabolism and normal growth. Cobalt: Vitamin B12 and important appetite stimulator. Selenium: Growth as it is needed by the thyroid. It is also involved in fertility (sperm mobility) and immune responses