Phosphate Block P2

Phosphorous is possibly the first limiting mineral, affecting animal performance and health on farms. Phosphorus supplementation on green pasture is the most cost-effective way to increase fertility, milk production, growth rates of young animals and body condition recovery in farm animals. Phosphorous is the most important nutrient for bone growth and strength as well as maintaining strong teeth. Grazing animals are programmed by nature to store more phosphorous in their bones in periods of active growth which in nature is mainly when ample green pastures are available.

Spring and summer are the best time to feed a Phosphorous supplement to farm animals. In sweet veld areas or where animals eat lots of shrubs and tree leaves, phosphorous supplementation can continue through winter as the animals will select a diet to overcome a protein shortage usually found in winter grass. A Phosphorous shortage leads to a loss of appetite, poor production and reproduction and weight loss. The first signs of a Phosphorous shortage are often long or fast-growing hooves, chewing bones and other objects, skipping heat cycles and a reduced food intake. All the above inevitably leads to weight and body condition loss affecting production negatively.