Phosphate Block P8

Research as far back as the 1940’s confirm that most parts of Southern Africa are deficient in Phosphorous (P). In Botswana, Phosphorous is possibly the first limiting mineral affecting animal performance and health during spring and summer in spring calving cycles. Phosphorus supplementation on green pasture is the most cost-effective way to increase the increase cow fertility, cow milk production, calf growth rates and body condition recovery in mature animals The animal needs phosphorous for numerous maintenance and production systems making phosphorous metabolism complex. Animals store Phosphorous in their bones and can mobilise it again in times of shortage.

Phosphorous is therefore key in building block for bone growth and strength as well as maintaining strong teeth. Grazing animals are hormonally programmed to store more phosphorous in their bones in periods of active growth which in nature is mainly when ample green pastures are available. This is the best time to ensure that the most Phosphorous being fed is retained in the animal body and utilised for increased production functions like growth, reproduction and health. A Phosphorous shortage leads to a loss of appetite, poor production and reproduction and weight loss. The first signs of a Phosphorous shortage are often long hooves, chewing bones and other objects, skipping heat cycles and a reduced food intake.